Bluster Worldwide - 50 years of Heavy Metal

Bluster Worldwide - 50 years of Heavy Metal
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  • Author:
    George Anagnostopoulos
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  • Shape:
    17 x 24 cm
  • Color:
    4/color illustrated
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    There is a form of art that has caused controversy and display of loathing: Heavy metal. A genre of rock music which represents a minority of “fans”, whose temperament is not in accordance with the stereotypical normality. 

    This 4/color illustrated scrapbook deals with 50 important subjects (equal to the age of heavy metal, as it is close to half a century old) that marked this music genre and consequently, civilization and society. Topics vary: Assassinations, extreme behavior and musical expressions, religious bands, inconceivable records!
    This book does not intend to rewrite the history of heavy metal. Through the constructive recording of events, it attempts to present how this music genre managed to survive, evolve and influence almost every aspect of the international community.
    The original drawings of this book have been drawn with the dot drawing method, all by hand and were afterwards digitally processed.